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Residential Garage Doors

At Hörmann, we understand how important it is to keep your most valued investment from the damages caused by nature and other elements.  We are constantly pushing our knowledge and experience to provide a safe, secure, energy efficient and convenient access to your home.



Retro Custom Beauty Choice
Recessed Panel Design
Polystyrene insulation
2" sections


Custom Beauty Choice

Carriage House Style
Polystyrene insulation
2" sections

Taurus Garage Doors Collection

Best Choice
25 Ga. Steel
Polyurethane foam core insulation
1-3/4" sections

Sirius Garage Doors Collection

Alternative Choice
1-3/4" HDPE sections
CFC-free expanded polystyrene insulation


Orion Garage Door Collection

Better Choice
25 Ga. Steel
Polystyrene insulation
1-3/8" or 2" sections

Orion with TimberLast­™ Finish

Orion with TimberLast™ Garage Doors Collection

Better Choice with Natural Look & Feel
25 Ga. Steel
Polystyrene insulation
1-3/8" or 2" sections

Gemini Garage Doors Collection

Economical Choice
25 or 24 Ga. Steel